Welcome to Listener, our flagship product.

It is our core product that we have spent over a decade perfecting. Having worked with the leaders in the armed response industry, we have learnt the ins and outs of this specific and demanding industry.

From the control room to the units in the field, the one thing our clients have to be able to rely on, is a system that works. We believe in being proactive as opposed to reactive. Prevent the problem before it occurs. Good monitoring software streamlines the entire system.

This results in fewer false alarms, more efficient response times, more accurate event reporting, and stronger more fluid teamwork, all of which not only saves money, but could also save lives.

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Key Listener Features

  • Centralisation

  • CAD / Admin and Customer Service

  • SMS Notification

  • Technical

  • Financial Accounting

  • Control Room / Armed Response

  • MIS

  • Auto Dispatch


Product Plugins

All Plugins are RX system compatible
  • Listener Monitoring
    • Colourful Monitoring Screen
    • Multiple Event Stacks
    • All necessary information on one screen
    • Times recorded automatically for each action
  • Listener Servicing
    • Schedule and record all service & installation calls
    • Job cards can be customised
    • All history on calls is stored to avoid conflict with clients
    • Used in conjunction with Listener SMS, each technician does his/her own monitoring by mobile phone
    • Used in conjunction with Listener Debtors, no call can go uninvoiced
  • Listener SMS
    • Auto and manual SMS to clients and contacts
    • History for all SMS communication
    • Incoming SMS possible
    • Used for proactive functions
  • Listener Debtors
    • All transactions are done and recorded
    • All contracts (recurring billing) are captured
    • Debit order files are created to be sent to the respective banks or methods
    • Annual contracts only need capturing once
    • Ensures all clients are getting billed
    • Meaningful financial reports
  • Listener Auto Reporting
    • Reports are printed or e-mailed automatically
    • Incidents can be grouped according to your predefined events
    • Assists you to manage clients better by creating meaningful statistics
  • Listener Mobile Panic
    • Mobile phone panic button
    • ‘Please Call Me’, SMS and missed calls generate signals on the monitoring stack
    • No alarm system is required at the client’s premises
  • Listener Auto Dispatch
    • Highly customisable, versatile, workflow-driven application
    • Performance measurement for reaction officers
    • Reduce response times
    • Reduce radio bandwidth usage
    • Ultimately save costs
  • Listener Centralised
    • Single platform to work from
    • Cost effective
    • Common standards
    • Consolidated reporting
    • Incorporates National Key Account clients
    • Easy to manage