Fleet Secure (RXGIS)

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Fleet Secure (RXGIS) is specifically designed for the transport and logistics industry. The primary functions are currently being utilised successfully by the security industry. You will not only be able to track your vehicle country wide, but you will also be able to monitor the driver.

By monitoring driver behaviour, one is able to monitor it’s past and present locations, the duration of scheduled and unscheduled stops as well as how the vehicle is being driven. Access to this kind of detailed information will ensure an increase in the perfomance of any company that requires vehicle monitoring and management. 

The Fleet Secure’s (RXGIS) advanced data capturing system will collect and collate all data according to criteria as specified and present it in an easy to follow report.

Notify me on launch

Notify me on launch


Key Fleet Secure (RXGIS) Features

  • Auto Arrivals (if used in conjunction with Listener Monitoring Plugin)
  • Live tracking
  • Driver tags, i.e. drivers that are not allocated to the vehicle will not be able to drive/start it when linked to lsn: auto arrivals
  • Violation management

Product Plugins

All Plugins are RX system compatible
  • Listener Monitoring
    • Colourful Monitoring Screen
    • Multiple Event Stacks
    • All necessary information on one screen
    • Times recorded automatically for each action